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Welcome to Pokemon Story, an original forum-based role play--a world where you can own pokemon, run an organization, and even battle your way through the pokemon league; all the while developing your own identity far more extensively than in the games! Plots are abundant, and anything can happen in this world of Pocket Monsters!

DO NOT STEAL CODES, TEMPLATES, POSTS, OR ANYTHING ELSE. Upon entering you are agreeing to this.

Please enjoy your stay.

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  Pokémon Story RULES

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PostSubject: Pokémon Story RULES   Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:12 pm

General Rules

Respect every member of this site, always. This means no insulting, flaming or just be unnecessarily rude. If you really do have a problem with someone, PM a moderator and he/she will try to deal with the situation as best as they possibly can. We do not want massive flaming all around the forum. Therefore, breaking this rule will result in warnings, followed by a suspension, and if done again, a permanent ban.

Advertising your own forum or site is allowed, but only in the 'Advertisement' section and in signatures. Doing this elsewhere, will result in an immediate suspension, or a permanent ban.

No arguing, listen to the staff at all times. If you find one of them has done something wrong , you may have a civilized conversation, but if they tell you to stop, you stop. If you think the Moderator is completely wrong, you can contact me.

Please refrain from extensive cursing or very detailed 18+ events. We allow cursing, but you don't have curse words in every sentence, It does not make you seem cool. If a staff member finds you need to tame down on cursing, tame down or it will result in a suspension. As for 18+ events, these are allowed, just do not go in expansive detail, there is no need. This is a roleplaying forum, not a porn-site.

Double posting is not allowed, if you need to add something just edit your post.

This forum is English. This means you must speak English at all times. No text-language or l33t speak is allowed. Always follow regular punctuation. If your excuse is that you're not a native English speaker, then we advice you to go back to school.

Do not ever spam. Try to keep every single post above two sentences. Note: this is not for the RP posts. You will receive a warning if you spam. Repeated spamming will result in a suspension, and after that comes a permanent ban. We do not like spam, so go spam elsewhere.

Regular members, do not do a Moderator's job. There is a reason why they are actually a Moderator. If you see someone breaking a rule, don't point it out, just PM a Moderator who will point it out. Very light issues aren't a problem, of course.

Never post or send any porn or shocksite links on this forum. You will only be warned once. This is your warning. You will right away receive a suspension.

Read the Pokemon Story Guidebook found here: http://pokemonstory.forumotion.com/f6-pokemon-story-guidebook. If you are already an experienced forum roleplayer, please read the Miscellaneous Steps, as most of them apply to this website only.

Now you read those "boring" rules, our #1 rule is to always have fun!

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Posts : 15
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PostSubject: Re: Pokémon Story RULES   Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:58 pm

Roleplaying Rules

Do not bug Moderators to check out your character creation, or anything for that matter. You are only allowed to send a staff member ONE PM after 24 hours. If after another 24 hours your creation has still not been seen, send Alastair or Chutes a PM.

Canon characters are allowed, but remember this roleplay takes place 50 years after Black and White. So in this case, Ash would be around 65-70. If you are interested in a canon character contact Alastair or Chutes. Some canon characters must be purchased at the PokeMart before being made. Check the PokeMart before making a canon character to see if it needs to be purchased or not.

If you want to have a Special Position that is not on the legend contact Chutes.

One character per account. Multiple accounts are allowed and encouraged. If you know you will not have much time for the RP, don't create a new character, but instead stick with the character(s) you currently already have.

You can be in only two places at the same time, so if someone asks you to start a topic with them remember if your currently in another topic or not.

You may not decide whether your opponent gets hit by your attacks. (S)HE decides that. You are also not able to dodge every single attack aimed at you, get hit now and then. Show some decent roleplaying. You may not kill anyone without their permission. Dying is basically losing the ability to post with your account. Some people do not want to lose the account they have developed by roleplaying.

Metagaming is acting upon information your character does not know about. Never do this. If your friend gets killed on the other side of the world without your knowledge, and you encounter the killer, you didn't know he did it, unless it was told to you through roleplay.

Each post on the RP section must be at least 100 words long, and longer post are highly encouraged. The opening post, if describing a place, may be shorter. You will be warned if you make smaller posts. If repeated, a suspension will follow. If you are creating a topic, try to create the possibility for other people to join, make the topic and environment broad, unless it was meant for certain people.It is extremely encouraged to use the Post Lay-out as shown below, but this is not required. If you wish not to use it, please be sure to add a link to your character's page.

If you would like to own a legendary Pokemon, talk to Alastair first.

Pokémon Chronicle has a Marketplace on which you can buy things such as Pokéballs. You can also upgrade your occupation as well as your age. The more you post, the more money you get to buy things.
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Pokémon Story RULES
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