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 Main Storyline #1 ~ Rocket-2

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PostSubject: Main Storyline #1 ~ Rocket-2   Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:55 am

Rocket-2 is a new organization based off Team Rocket, so it's basically a newer version of Team Rocket. Rocket-2 was formed by Jerome Loponte, his father was Giovanni the one that had always had a thirst that was never satisfied for rare Pokémon. Jerome thought his dad was a loser, all of those Team Rocket grunts for catching rare Pokémon? Why not have it all by dominating the world, and that's been his goal for many years. When Giovanni was sent to life imprisonment at Lavender Town's Detainment Center, that's when Jerome knew he had a chance. Their true intentions are to rule the world by eliminating order and government.
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PostSubject: Re: Main Storyline #1 ~ Rocket-2   Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:24 am

Rocket-2 Ranks

Every Rocket-2 members is required to carry a gun at all times.

Rocket-2 Boss
The Rocket-2 Boss is the chief executive and complete leader of Rocket-2. He is in charge of everything.

Vice-Boss of Rocket-2 is mainly in charge of overseeing recruitment as well as collaborating with the Boss on plans. If anything happens to the Boss, the Vice will take over.

Agents are the connections of Rocket-2. They collect information from spies and put it all together. They are in charge of meeting new members and it is their duty to find new places for hideouts and bases. If the Boss desires to know something, he will usually ask an Agent and the Agent will have to find out.

Assassins work as spies for Rocket-2. They kidnap important individuals, steal with minimum alarm, learn important information, as well as kill whoever they are ordered to. They are specially trained in stealth and killing.

Rocket-2 Admins are the Grunts who have received promotions, and are now able to command operations. They usually are skilled in Pokemon battling and they receive bigger pays.

Grunts are the lowest ranking members of Rocket-2. They are usually the ones who have just been hired. Grunts are required to always have Pokemon with them, if a Grunt does not already have a Pokemon, he/she will be given a Rattata.
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Main Storyline #1 ~ Rocket-2
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