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 Saphira "Rio" Aimes

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PostSubject: Saphira "Rio" Aimes   Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:06 pm

Basic Info
Name: Saphira Rio Aimes(Rio is her preferred name, and she is called Aqua Leader Rio)
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Residence: Lilycove
Birthplace: Lilycove
Occupation: Team Aqua Leader

Height: 5'1
Weight: 92 lbs; She's got a very slim build and a really flat chest.
Skin: A bisque, slightly peachy, white.
Eye Colour: Cobalt blue
Hair: Cobalt blue; It has a relaxed texture, lays in tousled, razored layers, and its generally about shoulder length, save longer sections, one on each side of her face, that would be waist-length if they didn't bounce up in inverted waves.
Clothing: Rio often wears sporty clothes that give her a "tough" look; blacks, with white accents and silver zippers and buttons. She keeps her accesories to a minimum, prefering wearing a few pieces that really pull together her look, rather than a plethora of gaudy baubles. She usually sports a jacket of some sort, or one-pieces with a zipper, layered with an undershirt(of various lengths, some arguably too short) and sometimes a long scarf. She loves to wear boots, and she is fond of heels for they boost her height. Though she is Team Aqua, she avoids blues because her natural colouring is so strikingly blue that she feels any addition of the hue will make her look overbearing: she sticks to neutrals and other splashes of colour such as red, orange, yellow, and purple. Gloves aren't uncommon to her look, and neither are cuffs, but out of all her accessories the one she is almost always seen with is her goggles she wears on her head. They have an orange tint and UV protection, and she likes to pull her layers over it to create a "spiked" look to the top of her hair. Also, she carries a bluish-purple backpack that resembles a penguin with wings--she carries supplies in it. An orange pouch around her leg is generally where she keeps her pokeballs.
Face Claim: Nisa(Nippon Ichi) from Hyperdimension Neptunia

Personality: Rio has a high amount of self-respect, and as such she expects to be respected my others as well. She treats other human beings as her equals, but as a true wildlife preserver, feels a sense of servitude towards pokemon and values their well-being. There is hardly a thing she wouldn't due for the sake of a pokemon(even though she is bound to her leader duties, so often must pass on lower jobs to her grunts.) She is adamantly dedicated to her job as Team Aqua's leader, and carries a slight air of decadance learned from her father and his father before him. Since she is well-aware of her unbefitting youth as the head of such an organization, Rio makes it her priority to compensate, feeling a new weight on her shoulders after her father's recent death. She minds her demeanor, keeping herself professional and "mature," and even a bit aloof to evade questioning of her stature. Though she accepts--albeit reluctantly, expecially at first--her newly found occupation and the resultant responsibities and changes to her life and role, Rio secretly misses the freedom of being a somewhat reckless child, and not having to work to hard and just play and relax. She now has a hard time outwardly relating to children her own age, and feels alienated because of it, but must keep her feelings to herself and remained focused. Sometimes, Rio's thoughts meanders to question whether or not she is doing what she truly wants, but she continues to harden her heart against such destructive thoughts, in case they prove to sully her self-driven purpose.

Even in the presense of many elders who ostracise her because of her age, Rio is very outgoing and tries her best to hide any uncertainties and insecurities for the sake of Team Aqua's reputation and legitimacy. She is very objective and seperates emotion from her judgement, as she observed from her elder business people. This translates into her everyday life a little, but in a heated confrontation she might loose her self-conscious austerity in lieu of passionate vigour--for she truly loves a good fight; and as much as she tries to be, she is not adult enough to feel the way many of the adults do, even if she mimics their actions, and so is merely playing a necessary role that can be shed at a moment's loss of concentration. There are deeper issues she may to be able to reach, or understand the adults' conclusion of, but her child insight could also prove a rare attribute in such company. Also, she is prone to loose her cool when dealing with her stubborn, proud Luxray... he can really get her frustration to boil. She's very informal around her pokemon if no one is around, letting her walls down to communicate with them.

Talents: Rio is notably advanced academically and intelligible for her age, and is well-suited to handle the paperwork she is faced with daily. She holds a plethora of knowledge from pesistant studying. She is observant and level-headed, and has the determination to put all her best efforts and talents towards the good of Team Aqua and the pokemon they swear to aid. She is usually very reasonable as well, due to her objective nature, which is necassary for her job as well.

History: Rio, along with her brother Adolf, was born the grandchild of Archie, the leader of Team Aqua back when it was a crime syndicate. Since then, Team Aqua has become the wildlife preservation organization it is today. Rio's father, Ben, inherited Archie's position. He gave Rio her first Pokemon when she was still in the crib, her father showed her a catalog-like list of Pokemon and allowed to her pick her first one. She chose a Shinx, and her father quickly procured one for her. She called it...Leo(she's note very creative.) Rio adored Leo, and Leo loved her in return, though her didn't apprieciate her infant ways of "loving his guts out my squeezing him to death." The two grew and matured together, Rio trained him and rode on his back, and they both attended assisted training classes by Ben and other Aqua Elites to further advance them. She kept him close to her, and let him sleep in her bed with her.

When she was about five, Rio encounted an injured Pichu on the shores of Lilycove. It had a spiked ear, and looked close to death. Rio took it to the Pokemon Center close by, and by the time it recoved, the spiky-eared Pichu developed and affinity towards Rio and her cause. It was very enthusiastic, and wanted to become a strong defender and help lots of other pokemon. Rio ended up keeping the Pichu, and even though, despite trianing, it wasn't very strong and couldn't evolve, Rio appreciated it's enthusiasm. Especially since her strongest pokemon, Leo, evolved into a Luxray, and developed a strong proud, rebellious streak--and not to mention an odd, reverse bestiality-like perverted eye(with x-ray vision, mind his species) for well-endowed human females.

As the eldest child, with only another sibling, Adolf, four years her junior, Rio always received specific attention from her father, who was suiting her up to one day become the leader of the group, and continue his life's job of ensuring the well-being of aquatic pokemon. She held her responsibilities close to her heart, and though she always felt a little caged by the overwhelming sense of duty her father passionately instilled in her--she was only a child, after all. She managed her pent-up, youthful energy by taking on tasks that were supposedly helpful to Team Aqua, yet were active and outdoors(such as rescuing trapped pokemon.) She's trekked through many hazardous places, usually tagging along and somewhat bothering older members on their missions she was prohibited from. It wasn't always helpful, and tended to result in failure, and sometimes catastrophies, due to her inexperiance. She was soon place under strict supervision and made to study, until she was old enough to actually "aid" the expeditions. She was homeschooled her whole life, and absorbed a plethora of knowledge that was a rare treasure to someone of her young age. She had a knack for academics, and though she knew this was the best way for her to be productive, she felt as if she was missing out on the simpler pleasures of life.

Almost a year ago, Aqua Leader Ben was out on an important sea excusion, taking a small crew with him on the back of his wailord. When they got out to sea, they took a small boat out a little ways from the wailord. It was them their were encountered by some theiving hooligans. In a fatal lapse of judgement, Ben ordered the wailord to use splash, and a humongous wave came crashing down on everyone within a 70-foot radius. To say the least, Ben drowned, along with the crew and the robbers.

It was a hard blow for Rio and Team Aqua to learn of their fate, but the organization needed quick renewal, and had to appoint a new leader as soon as possible. Ben's will revealed that Rio was his heiress(though it was well-guess by any Team Aqua member who had any sense.) Rio found her self thrown into her father's pit of responsibilities, with little time for her to grieve. Team Aqua found themselves with an underaged leader. Rio had been forced into adulthood; her father and childhood was lost to her, all because a wailord used splash.

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PostSubject: Re: Saphira "Rio" Aimes   Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:10 pm

Oh this is done. XD I approve, I think you need one more.
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PostSubject: Re: Saphira "Rio" Aimes   Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Saphira "Rio" Aimes   Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:27 pm

Like Sessa said, it's done. I believe Mr. Loponte will run into you due to your power, who knows what will happen? Anyways, I approve!

Welcome to Pokémon Story Family!

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PostSubject: Re: Saphira "Rio" Aimes   

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Saphira "Rio" Aimes
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