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 Welcome to Viridian Gym

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PostSubject: Welcome to Viridian Gym   Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:19 pm

Gym Badge: The Swarm Badge
Appearance: It looks like a fly preserved in ancient amber.

The sign out front reads: "Viridian Gym: Home of the dancing bug leader, Sessa.

As you open the door you hear incredibly loud electronic music with a catchy beat and melody.

Inside it's very dark, but light glints off a single disco ball throwing random specks around the room. The air is warm and humid, causing an almost immediate sweat. You can make out the shape of a human on the other side of the room and once your presence is noticed, one stadium light reveals the gym leader. She is in very billowy clothes with a white shirt tightened around her stomach and red pants that open near the bottom. A red headband is tied to her forehead and it sweeps down her back. She wears a green diamond-shaped earring on her left ear but the right one is bare. Stylish sunglasses alight her brown face and her afro is large and lush. She looks at you and says, "Hey. You a challenger? It's cool if you're not...I've got some pretty sweet jams going. But if you are a challenger, prepare yourself for an official Pokemon League battle. The max amount of pokemon you can use is six, but you'd be crazy to carry more around anyway. Tell me when you're ready man, cause I am."

((Please start a NEW topic if you would like to challenge Sessa to a battle.))
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Welcome to Viridian Gym
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